An international Inhalation Center of Excellence

Our range of services includes inhalation product testing, inhaler development testing, formulation development, as well as technical consultation for process development and scale-up.  Our team has had experience successfully formulating a wide variety of therapeutic agents for inhalation delivery including hydrophobic and hydrophilic small molecules, small peptides, large proteins, controlled release particles, liposomes, RNAi, gene delivery constructs, and live viruses.  

Inhalation product testing

  • Preclinical
  • Clinical
  • Product registration
  • Commercial

Inhaler development and testing

  • Support inhaler design
  • Inhaler modeling
  • Inhaler screening & selection

Formulation development

  • Pre-formulation – wet/dry
  • Engineered particles – via spray drying
  • Formulation screening

Engineering consultation

  • Quality systems
  • GMP suite design
  • Manufacturing process, optimization and scale-up
  • Supply Chain process evaluation
  • Process validation– equipment IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Cleaning validation